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A Communication Phenomenon

             From cave etchings to slate and chalk, to quill and ink, to pencil and paper, to typewriter, to computer, to cell phone, each evolution of technology has allowed human kind to communicate in complex and modern ways. Communication is a process of conveying information or a message. It can be argued that all species have some form of a communication system. Undoubtedly, humanity has changed its modes of communication as society itself has developed.  As people and communities began to expand geographically, the dawn of writing emerged as verbal communication lost its portability. Subsequently, people invented ways of carrying both conversation and written communication between communities to remain in contact as travel became more straightforward.

              Long gone are the days of carrier pigeons and the first postal service. Today, in the Information Age within which we reside, there are various quick ways to exchange information and messages; via e-mail, text messages, phone calls, and the many social networking sites that have percolated into our daily communication practices. Twitter, a social networking and microblogging service, has undoubtedly become a way to communicate with its 175 million users (Infographics). We will dive into the Twitterverse and ultimately the use and social implications of the Twitter phenomenon, the hashtag, represented by the “#” sign which is used in Twitter to classify messages, propagate ideas and also to promote specific topics and people. Although the initial intention of this artifact is still intact, the ongoing reception and consumption of the hashtag by Twitter consumers differs from the original intention of its creator, Chris Messina, making it a forever evolving artifact. 


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